Videographer/filmmaker (Remote)

Work Type: Fixed Term Contract

The Digital Freedom Fund is establishing a consultancy roster for talented and passionate consultants who are committed to advancing digital rights and social justice. If your portfolio meets our requirements, you will be contacted and will have the opportunity to collaborate with us on various projects and initiatives aimed at driving positive change in the digital rights space. From designing materials to creating impactful visuals for campaigns and events, you will play a vital role in amplifying our mission and reaching diverse audiences across Europe and beyond.

As a Videographer with the Digital Freedom Fund, you will play a crucial role in capturing and producing high-quality video content that amplifies our mission and drives positive change in the digital rights landscape. From recording events and interviews to creating impactful documentaries and videos, your work will help shape and disseminate our message across diverse audiences.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Plan, shoot, and edit video content for a variety of purposes, including events, interviews, documentaries, and promotional materials.

2. Collaborate with team members to understand project objectives, messaging requirements, and target audiences.

3. Ensure high-quality video production, including framing, lighting, sound, and editing, to convey messages effectively and engagingly.

4. Stay updated on video production trends, techniques, and technologies to enhance the quality and impact of our video content.

5. Manage and maintain video equipment, including cameras, audio recording devices, and editing software.

6. Adhere to project timelines and budgets while maintaining a high standard of quality and creativity.

7. Provide creative input and contribute ideas for video concepts, storyboarding, and scripting.


1. Proven experience (minimum 2 years) in videography, with a strong portfolio demonstrating proficiency in shooting, editing, and producing high-quality video content.

2. Proficiency in video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve.

3. Strong understanding of cinematography principles, lighting techniques, and audio recording.

4. Excellent storytelling skills and the ability to translate complex ideas into compelling visual narratives.

5. Experience working in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines and multiple projects.

6. Flexibility to travel and work onsite for events and productions as required.

7. Commitment to digital rights, social justice, and equity, aligning with the mission and values of the Digital Freedom Fund.

8. Fluency in English

How to Apply: 

If you are passionate about visual storytelling and advancing digital rights, we invite you to join our consultancy roster as a Videographer. Please submit your CV, cover letter, and portfolio (or link to portfolio). In your cover letter, please highlight your relevant experience, creative approach, and alignment with our mission and values.

We encourage individuals from under represented backgrounds to apply.

Application Deadline: Rolling basis

Join us in our mission to advance digital rights in Europe through strategic litigation!

Important: The consultancy roster is designed to facilitate project-based collaborations, and engagement opportunities will vary based on project requirements and availability.

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